Who am I and how did MPX evolve?

Mariah Prussia - MPX MMA Fighting

My story is more than just the cage.

My life progressed from multiple events that put me on the path to where I am today.  I haven’t always been the strong female that I portray to the media; I went through years of self doubt and an unhealthy relationship. I too have experienced trials and tribulations, financial strain, single parenting two young boys, and feeling emotions that have brought me to my knees.

In the mirror, I used to look past my own reflection and view only a blur—a blur which was my image that I had yet to discover and to define.

So my life has not been the picture-perfect tale, but a life full of chapters creating my story, which has only just begun.

I will NEVER SETTLE for less than what I deserve, nor should you!  These chapters have created my life’s purpose, which is to inspire, empower and bring positivity to light in the lives of many.

“You are your cover, and the message you deliver to the world will determine who decides to open your book.”-MPX (Mariah Prussia Xtreme)